Early Times In Clinton County VOLUME 1 - This revised volume covers the earliest history up to about 1800 of the part of Cumberland County from which Clinton County was formed in 1836.  It contains family histories and charts of most of the county's early settlers.  Price $40.00

Clinton County, Kentucky Marriage Records 1859-2001 - A complete listing of the recorded marriages in Clinton County, Kentucky from the years 1859-2001.  Price $40.00

The Patriots and Guerillas of East Tennessee and Kentucky - Author Maj  J.A. Brents; written in 1862 by Clinton County native and lawyer; reproduced by the Clinton County Historical Society.  A beautifully bound book and a wonderful addition to your library.  Price $25.00

Uncle Nobe's Old Time Hunting Tales and Other Stories CD Recording-An audio recording made in 1953 of Clinton County raconteur Noble Thomas telling humorous hunting and other stories.  Price $10.00 

Clinton County Kentucky -  A Pictorial History VOLUME 2 - Published in 1993 a continuation of VOL 1 - Price $25.00 

Cumberland Blood- Champ Ferguson's Civil War - Author Thomas D Mays- A thorough and unvarnished account of the atrocities committed by Champ Ferguson, one of the most infamous pro-Confederate guerilla fighters of the Civil War.  Price $19.00

Learn From Yesterday for a Better TomorRow

Souvenir Program Homecoming and Centennial Clinton County, Albany, Kentucky-August 26th to 29th, 1935.  Price $5.00

Clinton County, Kentucky Census 1890-Compiled by Clinton County Historical Society  Price $20.00 

Life in the River Hills -  Author Mary Etta Neal recounts her childhood and the hardships her family faced growing up along the Cumberland River.  Filled with stories and legedns from the time, the reader is given a glimpse of the life and gossip in a rapidly changing small town.  Price $20.00

Champ Ferguson, Confederate Guerilla- Author Thurman Sensing- An amazing story of bloody guerilla warfare along the Kentucky-Tennessee border.  A tale and a protagonist unique in the annals of the Civil War.  Price $25.00

Maj Gen Lloyd B Ramsey U.S. Army Retired  - the Major leads us through his life's journey, from Somerset, Kentucky to World War II to the battlefields of Vietnam.  This book warrants the serious attention of anyone who seeks to know how some WWII officers were brought up and how they fought in WWII, as well as a glimpse as to how Gen Ramsey spent his time during peace.   Price $25.00

The Clinton County Kentucky Historical Society has many historical books for your reading and research pleasure.  Please contact us if you would like to order any of the following items:


Clinton County Kentucky -  A Pictorial History VOLUME 3 in 1994 a continuation of VOLUMES 1 and 2- Price $25.00 

Clinton County Kentucky -  A Pictorial History VOLUME 1 - Published in Observance of the Kentucky Bicentennial Celebration 1792-1992- This book includes pictures of the Clinton County area, activities, buildings, businesses, churches, doctors, families, farming and industry, governors, homes, military, scenic places, schools and transportation. Price $25.00 

Some of the Descendants of Reverend Richard Denton  by Edith Whitley- Price $10.00 

Civil War Abstracts, Field Reports and Correspondence- South Central Kentucky -Central- Compiled by Randolph N. Smith, Cumberland County Historian, 1975 - Price $20.00 

Clinton County Kentucky - 1910 Federal Census - Price $20.00 

A Military History of Clinton County Kentucky -  Contains military and family information on over 3,000 Clinton County soldiers from the Revolutionary War to present (with photos of over 800 soldiers): also copies of newspaper articles from 1917 to present; contains miscellaneous military records and information. - Price softbound $30.00 , hardbound $40.00

Native Americans of Southcentral Kentucky and Eastern Tennessee - Author Mary Etta Neal takes us on a journey of the stories, fables and history of Native Americans in Southcentral Kentucky and Eastern Tennessee.  The book walks us through the life and trials of Native Americans from early times to the existing Beaver Creek Tribe.  Price $20.00